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Ассоциация «Профессиональные аналитики аутопойэйзисных систем

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Азимут научных исследований: экономика и управление, № 1(30) 29.02.2020




Коломыц Оксана Николаевна - Кубанский государственный технологический университет

Вандрикова Оксана Владимировна - Кубанский государственный университет

Вознюк Илья Олегович - Кубанский государственный технологический университет


Purpose: to develop a universal algorithm for diagnosing the competitive environment based on the analysis of the level of development and potential of the subjects of the market of transport and logistics services of the Russian Federation. For diagnostics of level and dynamics of development of branch of automobile cargo transportation the method of the system analysis, and also monographic, structural-logical and economic-statistical methods was used. The information base of the work is formed on the basis of official data of the Federal state statistics service (Rosstat) and its regional bodies, in particular, the Krasnodar territory, as well as information of periodicals on the subject under study, official Internet sites. Results: the authors attempted to create universal algorithm for diagnosis of the competitive environment on the basis of the analysis of the level of development and capacity of market actors to transport and logistics services, in accordance with which the analysis and constructed the matrix of the competitive environment study the industry-based ranking in market share and growth rate of the competitive position of market actors. The results obtained indicate that there are opportunities to increase the level of development of transport logistics in the short and medium term and the positive dynamics of the road freight market of the Russian Federation as a whole. The scientific hypothesis of the study is the assumption that there is a need to assess the competitiveness of enterprises providing transport services, as the quality of services is an important part of the transport industry of transportation of goods and passengers to the population. Practical significance: the main provisions and conclusions of the study can be used in the formation of the forecast of the development of the road freight market of the Russian Federation; development and justification of the development strategy of the subject of transport and logistics industry; monitoring the level and degree of development of transport enterprises, forecasting and identifying priority areas and problematic aspects.

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